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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Mentoring/Running Partners

James Ure of Williamsburg Academy stressed the importance of Weekly Accountability Meetings with your scholar, as well as their Student Accountability Reports. 

Here is a sample "running partner contract" that you could use as your youth enters into an agreement with you or some other carefully, prayerfully selected trusted adult mentor.

Then, you have weeking WAMs (as we call them at our house), where the youth gets together with their mentor.  Depending upon the needs of your youth, this can be a time to cheer them on, be stern, or supportively encourage...depending upon their personality.  The idea is that the mentor is a "running partner," someone who meets them for that "5 am running time" or "scholar phase" and is there for them to report to.  They may not come prepared week after week, and it is for the mentor to prayerfully decide what to do.  However, I have seen first-hand the power of regular accountability and how the youth will really rise up to use these tools as a means to not only accomplish great things, but even just to get into regular study habits.

Just to clarify a couple of terms on the forms below:
"commitment": do no matter what
"goal": shoot for the moon and go for it!

Here are some great examples of "SARs" (thanks to Marni, our techno guru):

Williamsburg version

Vanguard version

Vanguard version (2)

Vanguard version (basic blank)

Vanguard version (basic)

More visual one for visual learners or younger youth

Blank one to fill in with more versatility

I love having these with my daughter and my son reports to his father.  Very effective.

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