"Immediate necessity makes many things convenient, which if continued would grow into oppressions. Expedience and right are different things."--Jefferson

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sample overview of Journeyman and Master content for different lenses

I thought I would throw this out for anyone who wanted an idea of what it could look like.  We insert classics (people, books, poems, videos, etc.) wherever they fit.

Leadership Academy

1) 7 Habits discussion
2) Simulation to reinforce concept of month
3) Biography

1) Whatever Happened to Justice?
2) Application to real world
3) Civility discussion
4) Fallacies discussion

1) Focus on a continent (i.e. Feb-Africa and Australia):presentations

2) Map and timeline
3) Focus on monthly theme/principle: biography, group of people, historical event, etc

1) Geo-conquest game
2) Services in area/Application project for monthly theme
3) How many countries can you name on the map? (optional :)...)

1) Dr. Posin’s Giants
2) Math game
3) Experiment based on principles

1) The Math Book--brief sharing moment where the youth share one thing that happened during that time frame
2) Deeper experiments about the principle--more youth led

3) Math classic project/discussion

Imaginative Arts
1) Artist focus--learn about the history of art 
    a) picture study 60 seconds--study, think about it, notice, etc.
    b) principle to practice (i.e. use of lines, shading)
2) Spiritual Lives of Great Composers
3) Art project
4)  Lit/Poetry project/book

1) Bring their own art and showcasing what they did
2) Specialty classes
3) Literature--short story, poetry, language
4)Bring together all that was discussed during the month about the monthly theme/principle

What is the difference between the Vanguard Method and a Vanguard Group?

The Vanguard method is simply the collection of principles and truths that I have gathered with the help of others to achieve my personal goals for the education of my children:

(1) Encouraging faith in God as their ultimate mentor
and source of truth through the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ
(2) Helping them find value in their own unique mission and introduce the
to various communication styles so that they may communicate that mission to the world
(3) Helping them come face-to-face with greatness as they study the world,

history, people, and science in order to to prepare them to become future leaders in their homes, communities and society.
(4) Creating an environment of respect, decency, trust, and confidence
(5) Teaching service-oriented leadership

The principles and truths that have been put together under this umbrella term of "Vanguard method"  are universally available yet uniquely combined.  That is why I have distinguished this collection of ideas by a name...not to claim exclusivity or rights to them, but rather just to allow for a term to identify them by.

Image result for image of group of youthA Vanguard group is a formal group, typically for youth, that implements all the different principles and ideas outlined under the "Founding Principles" tab.  They may be implemented using methods and techniques that are as unique as the group needs.  However, the methods and techniques a group uses should always honor those principles to be considered a Vanguard group.  It is up to the individual to decide if their group that has been identified as a "Vanguard group" supports them in a manner that satisfies their family's needs or is true to the name.