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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Glimpse into a youth's perspective on her phases of learning

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Here is Anna's art that she drew to go with it...what an amazing youth!

The Phases of Learning
by Anna Lynn Peterson

This is the beat, the rhythm warm.

your heart will warn you of a coming storm.

your core will always hold you together,
but don’t you imagine there’s more than this center?
You knows there’s more
and need to explore!
Anything, anywhere, all the time. there’s nothing you can’t do!
Love to learn and let yourself go,
and your brilliance is sure to show.

Suddenly you see the world and all your tunnels connect.
You can’t believe you had been under
all this wonder.
what should you do?  what will make you soar?
what will you call yours?
Then a voice steps in. He says, “time to begin.”
“On what?” you complain, but are corrected.
“Look around you!”, the man projected. “lets touch the sky.”
What good could that do?” you ask, but follow your guide.
“Anything, but let God decide.”

We constructed my wings, and the man let go.
I passed the clouds and now I know.
Eternity of space surrounding me.
My mission in action and corse well set,
Thou my past I won’t forget.
This is what I need to do, fly above yet never let go
of the beautiful picture from my journey below.
now I go onward, ever far,
to help another on a distant star. 

In one beautiful poem, Anna has captured the heart of so much we try to allow the youths to discover for themselves in Vanguard...personal mission, turning to God for His truth for them, a vision of their great potential when working with Him...

...but like most forms of art, this is a poem that has many meanings and will mean something different for everyone. Thank you, Anna, for sharing!

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