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Saturday, May 25, 2013


To cover cost of location, supplies, and field trips, you can do either general fundraisers or specific ones.

The funds raised from the general fundraisers go towards supplies for games, projectors for the computers, dictionaries to use in class, scriptures for each to have there, notebooks, copies, supplies for art, etc.  The more a group can meet their needs through the general fundraisers, the cheaper you can keep the tuition. By doing a garage sale each year, we were able to keep the cost to about $20 per youth per semester.  Many of us donated or used our own supplies for a couple years, and they became worn so it helped to be able to replace those supplies.  It is nice to have things that are "just Vanguard's."  General fundraisers are best if they are things like car washes and garage sales that don't require individual sales.  Someone suggested allowing families to sign-up how they would like to help at the beginning of the year, with the understanding that they would be assigned to help in the remaining capacities, so that everyone helped.

It is nice to also have the option of specific fundraisers for those who need help paying for books, tuition, and extra outings (like the COPE course or the end of the year outdoor adventure).  In the case of the specific fundraisers, the funds raised would need to be kept in individual accounts for the students relative to what they sold.  Examples of these kinds of fundraisers are bake sales, car washes, and selling pizza cards.  Some people just don't need the fundraiser, and then they wouldn't have to worry about it, but those who needed it or want to use it to teach their children about raising money would be able to participate in it.

The youth Treasurer could be in charge of planning and organizing these events, supported by an adult mentor who would coach the youth before hand, discussing before hand what needs to be done, etc.
People have suggested using the parent mentor meetings as a platform to form temporary "committees" within our mentor board.  For instance, the youth Treasurer could say at one meeting, "I need to form a committee to help with the upcoming fundraiser.  Who would be willing to help out?"  Then people could volunteer to help, enabling the youth (with their mentor) to delegate better.

The youth and the mentor would then work on some type of documenting system to keep track of the funds that go in and out.

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