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Monday, May 27, 2013

Core Class

PRINCIPLE:  The core class within this core block is a great place to establish the main context for the study of the month.  To accommodate learning-style needs, I feel it is essential to include an activity that is more active or hands on that reinforces the principles discussed in the class.

The “class” during this time is an opportunity for the youth to come together and share what they have learned about the concept in the days before at home (see BYU-Idaho’s vision).  The study of the students comes before the class in which they discuss it.  The mentor’s job is to, first, prepare the inspirements to show the students how they can explore the truth of a certain concept or person’s life beforehand, and then, second, guide the class discussion as they come together and share what they learned, adding their own personal wisdom and insight as inspired.

It is also important to have this core block time be a place where youth of all ages and abilities can come together, to share, serve, teach, and inspire.  Along with the basic benefit of increasing the diversity of the pool of information shared, this set-up helps youth break outside of the intense age-based peer connection found in public schools, as 17 year olds (and 34 year old mentors!) realize they can learn from a 12 year old and enjoy being with them :).  By appreciating the value of diversity in others, they can come to value the uniqueness of themselves.  

As youth get older, they should be given ownership and responsibilities in the core class to help guide, direct, and lead.  They should be approached individually and asked how they see they can help.  I feel that this will lead to more "shadow-leadership," giving the youth valuable leadership opportunities, as well as a way to feel personal relevance in the core class.

The core class is also the ideal time to take care of group business (announcements, etc.).

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