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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sample overview of Journeyman and Master content for different lenses

I thought I would throw this out for anyone who wanted an idea of what it could look like.  We insert classics (people, books, poems, videos, etc.) wherever they fit.

Leadership Academy

1) 7 Habits discussion
2) Simulation to reinforce concept of month
3) Biography

1) Whatever Happened to Justice?
2) Application to real world
3) Civility discussion
4) Fallacies discussion

1) Focus on a continent (i.e. Feb-Africa and Australia):presentations

2) Map and timeline
3) Focus on monthly theme/principle: biography, group of people, historical event, etc

1) Geo-conquest game
2) Services in area/Application project for monthly theme
3) How many countries can you name on the map? (optional :)...)

1) Dr. Posin’s Giants
2) Math game
3) Experiment based on principles

1) The Math Book--brief sharing moment where the youth share one thing that happened during that time frame
2) Deeper experiments about the principle--more youth led

3) Math classic project/discussion

Imaginative Arts
1) Artist focus--learn about the history of art 
    a) picture study 60 seconds--study, think about it, notice, etc.
    b) principle to practice (i.e. use of lines, shading)
2) Spiritual Lives of Great Composers
3) Art project
4)  Lit/Poetry project/book

1) Bring their own art and showcasing what they did
2) Specialty classes
3) Literature--short story, poetry, language
4)Bring together all that was discussed during the month about the monthly theme/principle

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