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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Eureka encouragement and direction

Hi everyone!

I have heard that the Eureka lens can be one of the more challenging ones to bring in the principle of the month.  I have also heard that it is hard to keep it principle-learning based and not skills/methods-learning based.

So I will try to help :).

Mathematics was originally pursued as a way to find truth: observations of the world around us that taught us about ourselves, patterns and connections found and recorded that improved the individual and the people and communities around them.  To me, it is all about connections and context: anyone can google anything and "learn" anything, given a computer and a class outline.  However, the ability to make connections, give information context, and see how all truth really can come together into a whole is what Eureka is all about.

Here is a packet of my notes from a Math seminar I attended by Oliver DeMille. In it, he outlined a way to study a math classic.

Math class notes

Here is a class outline from a woman, Elizabeth Merrill who set up a "Eureka!" class with a similar intent...to teach her children to think, make connections, and find truth.

Eureka! packet

When I spoke to her about using the packet, she allowed me to, as she has the copyright to it.  However, she told me that her intent with getting a copyright was to keep the knowledge, ideas, and material free to share with others, so that other organizations could not steal the idea and seek to copy it for their own purposes.

(So, just a reminder that, as with all things that I freely share on this website, you may not take ideas from here that are the ideas of others and use them to make a profit for yourself.)

She lists some great classics in her packet.  I have used:
The Phantom Tollbooth
Number Devil
Go Figure!
The Beginner's Guide to Constructing the Universe
The Math Book
My Side of the Mountain

These are fabulous books that really make the youth think!   I always use the scriptures to tie it into eternal truths, as well, and have had many spiritual, mind-opening discussions.


Special thanks to RaNae Housholder for scanning in the documents and sending them to me so I can share :).

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