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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Suggested outline for Core class

Suggested outline of Weekly schedule for CORE classes
Opening ceremony & Announcements
Devotional & Memorization
Classes and activities alternated to blend physical activity with mental learning
Appropriately placed lunch break (suggested 15 minutes)
Closing prayer
Recommended 3-4 hours for this segment, depending upon which activities are included
NOTE: Mondays and Fridays have not worked so well :).

Definition of some of the activities during class time:
Opening Ceremony (youth-led): Welcome, Thought, Pledge, Mission Statement, Prayer, Time for Ah-hah's
"Ah-hahs!": A time where youth can share connections or epiphanies from previous studies--should be limited to brief sharings, not prepared presentations :).
Devotional: Weekly inspiring message from youth/mentor (opt. used to reinforce monthly concept)
Memorization: Poem and Scripture for month.
Spotlights: (can be done by VP), spotlights the youth at least once in the year (during "Announcements")

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